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1 Piece Steel Grille for GMC Sierra & Sierra Denali 2014-2015 - MOLON LABE w/ RED ACRYLIC and STAINLESS STEEL UNDERLAY

Fits: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra & Sierra Denali
Color: Powder Coated Satin Black
Badge: Red Acrylic and Stainless Steel Underlays

Grille is made from high quality, sturdy 18g steel.
Includes all stainless steel hardware needed for installation, 16ga stainless steel bracket mounts and black rivets.
Installation requires basic hand tools.
Does require trimming of the factory grille.
Adds a rugged, off road look to your vehicle.
Made with pride in the USA! 

Our items are custom made-we don’t make it until you order it! Between production, the powder coating process, and the time to pack and ship your order, these grilles take 10-14 business days to ship out. Thank you for your patience!